Ultra Tech Pipe Product Guide


J.F. Brennan is a Construction, Environmental Services, and Harbor Management company that was dredging a quarry for rock and sand to be used in the fabrication of concrete. The job required tons of mixed-media highly-abrasive material to be pumped from the bottom of the quarry and transported to cleansing and crushing system. CUSTOMER – J.F. BRENNAN ULTRA TECH IMPROVES DREDGING OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY ULTRA 600 OUTLASTED MILD STEEL 3 TO 1 Ultra 600 pipe was independently tested in an abrasive wear test (ASTM G65-16) to show the wear rates of the induction-hardened steel compared to mild steel and centrifugal cast iron.


INDUSTRY STANDARD VS. THE ULTRA TECH DIFFERENCE While the initial investment on mild steel pipe is low, it could need replacement in as little as 1 year under pulp & paper conditions. Ultra 600 lasts up to 6x's longer, which means less downtime and the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

Results showed Ultra 600 exhibited 3 times the wear resistance of mild steel when worn from the ID to the OD (standard application). Even the raw Ultra 600 material displayed a 17% increase in wear resistance over mild steel, while centrifugal cast iron only presented a 6% increase over mild steel.


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