Ultra Tech Pipe Product Guide


All about doing things better.

I was excited to join the Ultra Tech team in 2022 because I felt positive and energized about the mission of our business — manufacturing high-quality, durable products for a more sustainable future. I've spent my career working in strategic business development and finding better ways to do things. My current mission is to help Ultra Tech achieve its full potential from commercial, operational, and cultural perspectives. With a 4x-6x longer pipe lifespan, 25 to 50% lower total cost of ownership, AND the fact that our solution is the most environmentally sustainable option for mines and industrial businesses...Ultra Tech is the definition of an easy business decision. At Ultra Tech, we believe that durability and quality are the primary global drivers of environmental stewardship. Industrial sites around the world leverage our solutions to transport abrasive materials with absolute confidence that their processes are reliable, safe, and contributing to a more sustainable future. Contact our team today to accelerate your journey toward a cleaner, more thoughtful way of getting the job done.

Anthony Stanley, GM Ultra Tech

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