Ultra Tech Pipe Product Guide



MANUFACTURING Raw pipe shall be heat treated in accordance with the approved parameters derived from the procedure qualification testing During processing a serial number is to be assigned to each joint of pipe for future traceability Each pipe shall be trimmed on each end to remove “end effects” to ensure uniform heat treating throughout the usable length of pipe After pipe is cut to length the pipe shall be inspected for compliance to the following requirements: ID hardness, OD hardness, straightness, ovality, squareness of cut After inspection each pipe is to be allocated for storage or spooling for a specific work order Piping shall be spooled for the work order in accordance with specific information provided by engineering Prior to shipping, pipe shall be given a final inspection to ensure conformance to the following items: length, fit-up, geometric requirements of components, weld quality, surface condition, tagging, and additional requirements specified on the purchase order

Steel to be a medium carbon steel suitable for achieving the required through-wall hardness gradient for ULTRA 600 Pipe Chemical requirements for raw steel shall be in accordance with UT100 Specification for carbon steel pipe suitable for induction hardening Steel practice for material to be used for ULTRA 600 Pipe shall be in accordance with UT100 Specification Dimensional properties of raw pipe (UT 100 Pipe) shall fully conform to the requirements of ASTM A53 Grade B for ERW piping Minimum tensile and yield strength in accordance with UT100 Specification PROCEDURE QUALIFICATION STRAIGHT PIPE Procedure qualification is to be performed on each combination of material as follows: heat number of steel, pipe diameter, wall thickness Process parameters shall be documented and archived for each procedure qualification trial Coupons removed from trial piece shall be used to test the through wall hardness profile Procedure qualification is predicated upon through wall hardness conforming to ULTRA 600 Hardness Gradient Procedure qualification tests performed in house or by an independent testing laboratory Approved procedure is to be documented and provided to manufacturing for processing of ULTRA 600 Pipe PROCEDURE QUALIFICATION BENDS Procedure qualification is to be performed on each bend as follows: ID hardness recorded on spool sheet and OD hardness recorded on spool sheet

PROPERTIES Ultra 600 Induction Hardened pipe shall have the following properties: Mechanical properties

ID hardness 50 – 65 HRc OD hardness 14 – 32 HRc

Chemical properties as specified in UT100 Specification Dimensional properties: Induction-hardening alters the microstructure of steel and may result in an outside diameter up to 1% larger than that specified by ASTM A53 Grade B Minimum tensile strength of 90,000psi (620MPa) Minimum yield strength of 60,000psi (431MPa) Temperature limits: 20°F to 450°F (-6°C to 232°C)


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