Ultra Tech Pipe Product Guide


Our pipe bends and pipe fittings are made with the same proprietary chemistry and induction hardening process as our pipe. We offer a wide variety of pipe bends and fittings to lengthen your pipe run or change the flow direction of your pipe system. Pipe fittings include: couplings, elbows, end grooves, flanges, laterals, reducers, tees, unions, weld rings, and wyes.

ULTRA 600 INDUCTION-HARDENED BENDS Ultra Tech’s custom hardened bends are created using our proprietary induction bending method for bends and fittings of large diameter pipes. This bending and fabrication service includes: Custom hardened bends with pipe and tube diameters from 2.5” NPS to 26” OD Any angle up to 180° Minimum centerline radius of 20” for 6” NPS and below 3D for 8” NPS and above, with a maximum radius of 180” Complete range of materials: carbon steel, alloys and stainless steel together as well as structural shapes Tangents available at bend ends

ULTRA 600 FITTINGS All fittings having pipe diameters of 2.5 ″ – 26 ″ NPS (73,0 – 1016,0mm) can accommodate our range of connections or end options. Because the fittings are constructed using Ultra 600 pipe, they are surface hardened to provide superior abrasion resistance. Tees, Laterals, and Wyes: These fittings allow you to split or blend flow streams. Reducers: Reducing pipe size increases flow velocity at the reducers, which increases wear rate due to abrasive transport media.

Ultra Tech's induction bending service offers an efficient method for bends and fittings of larger diameter pipes. Contact us to learn more.


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