Ultra Tech Pipe Product Guide


The Ultra Tech Diversion Valve can be fit for 5”, 6”, or 8” lines and is equipped with a variety of standard and custom end styles to fit the current system. The hydraulically operated Ultra Tech Diversion Valve is designed for rugged use in mining or similar bulk transport applications.

Options: Triple-hydraulic-diversion-valve, 3 Outlet Ports, 1 S- Tube Inlet Port Double-hydraulic-diversion-valve, 2 Outlet Ports, 1 S-Tube Inlet Port Optional: 7.5 or 10 H.P. 230 Vac, three-phase power pack with 10-gallon reservoir; control valves for remote operation; bleed valve; slurry port Other voltages are available upon request All diversion valves are customizable to meet each application needs


Heavy-duty applications Variable cycle time dependent upon power pack option selected Hardened face seals Dual hydraulic rams Smooth operation Lifting eyes for ease of movement

Applications: For Abrasive Slurry Applications: Applications include paste fill and sand fill, hydraulic tailings, together with other systems where multi-line outlet with single inlet is the operating mode. Ultra Tech Diversion Valve applications include pneumatic and hydraulic piping systems for extremely abrasive materials such as bottom ash, fly ash, and pulverized coal.

To increase system efficiency by eliminating the exposure hours and downtime caused by frequent manual line changes. CHALLENGE

Ultra Tech Diversion Valves were engineered to enable operators to change lines using hydraulic power. This is done quickly and efficiently eliminating manual work. Pictured above are the 8” Diversion Valves. ULTRA TECH SOLUTION


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