Ultra Tech Pipe Product Guide




Ultra Tech uses our in-house metallurgical lab, expert welders, and technologically advanced robotics to create top-of-the-line, wear-resistant pipes. To create wear- resistant pipes, a unique heating and quenching process alters the microstructure of the steel, resulting in an ideal tapered hardness pipe profile with outstanding inner wall hardness and outer wall ductility for the most mission-critical applications.

Steel pipe is rolled and formed using our proprietary steel chemistry. STEP 1

The pipe is heated to a specific temperature using our induction- heated process. STEP 2

The inner pipe wall is water quenched. The sudden cooling of the pipe’s hot surface creates a martensitic microstructure, toughening the pipe for superior abrasion resistance. STEP 3

The pipe’s outer surface cools more slowly, increasing ductility and tensile strength up to 90 KSI. STEP 4

Finally, the product is complete. The results are an abrasion-resistant pipe with an outer wall that is ductile enough to accommodate high-pressure service and welding stresses, and an inner wall that resists abrasive slurries and the toughest conveyance materials. STEP 5


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