Ultra Tech Pipe Product Guide



Ultra Tech’s Ultra 600 pipe was independently tested to show the wear rates of the induction-hardened steel compared to other common pipe materials used in bulk transport. Ultra 600 was placed against mild steel and centrifugal cast iron in an abrasive wear test (ASTM G65-A) to measure the mass loss of the samples under identical conditions. The test uses a rubber wheel pressed against the surface of the test material which is fed by a hopper full of dry sand, forcing the abrasive mix across the test surface. Each test material was run under the same conditions for the same period of time.


Ultra 600 exhibited 3 times the wear resistance of mild steel when worn from the ID to the OD (standard application). Even the raw Ultra 600 material displayed a 17% increase in wear resistance over mild steel, while centrifugal cast iron only presented a 6% increase over mild steel. These results prove the extreme benefits of Ultra 600 pipe, both in reliability and cost- effectiveness. Ultra 600 lasts longer, which results in less downtime and replacement expenses. It also increases job-site safety by limiting exposure hours.


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